I have a letter from the Amazon for you.

Photo from 2009 protest by David Gilbert of Amazon Watch

It is from thousands of people in the remote rainforests of Ecuador. It is raw and painful, yet it is full of courage and hope.

It tells the terrible story of Chevron’s abuse in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It screams for justice. It seeks to build a bridge between two worlds, the Amazon and the United States, now forever intertwined by the cruelty of history and the prospects of a better future.

It is an urgent letter.

Watch this Open Letter to the United States from the Ecuadorian Amazon – in video form – and please sign this urgent petition to show solidarity with the Ecuadorian people in their fight for clean water and good health.

After nearly 18 years of struggle by the communities in the Amazon to hold Chevron accountable, an Ecuadorian court has found the oil giant liable for upwards of $18 billion in damages for the company’s environmental crimes. Now, in the face of Chevron’s promise to fight the verdict “until hell freezes over,” three courageous Ecuadorian leaders have traveled to the United States to demand that Chevron clean up its toxic legacy in the Ecuadorian Amazon, once and for all.

Please sign and share this solidarity petition, and help us get one signature for each of the approximately 30,000 men, women, and children in the Amazon who continue to suffer from Chevron’s toxic legacy in their homeland.

Today, a delegation of Ecuadorian representatives of the affected communities have arrived in the United States to appeal to shareholders and directly confront Chevron leadership at the company’s annual shareholders meeting next week. Along with our allies at Rainforest Action Network and other supporters, Amazon Watch will deliver your statement of solidarity directly to Chevron at the meeting on May 25th.