The family of Florencio Avalos.

As the sun sets, CNN coverage runs on LCDs all over the place to keep everyone informed.

A miner’s daughter is interviewed by Canal 13.

The rescue operation.

Friends, family, and press watch as the capsule returns from its test run.

The first rescuer enters the capsule.

The family of Richard Villaroel watches the coverage from their spot by the fire.

This FOX News reporter repeated the phrase, “…not knowing when their relatives are going to come up…” at least seven times. He is pictured here with the brother of Darío Segovia.

Also, I heard one of the assistants saying, “We’ve got another hour and a half. Are you gonna want more of these relatives?”

An emotional wife is simulcast with the rescue. Footage on the right is inside the mine where the 33 men have been trapped for more than two months.