These pictures are of the first eight days of the Egyptian uprising, from January 25th to February 1st 2011.

They come from albums uploaded to flickr by journalist 3arabawy and human rights activist Ramy Raoof. They made it clear on twitter that these pictures are available to anyone to spread far and wide.

The pictures cover the initial uprising, including the days of Internet blackout. They don’t show anything after Mubarak’s speech on February 1st. The next day, state-sponsored thugs and police attacked the protesters in Tahrir Square, as the army looked on, and the situation has deteriorated rapidly since then. (Comments in the captions in brackets were added by me.)


Jan 25, Ramy Raoof

"Riot police surrounding demonstration." (Looks like Downtown.)


Jan 25, Ramy Raoof

"Ruling Party in Egypt (National Democratic Party) website is Unavailable. 25 January. By Anonymous" (In response to the Egyptian government taking down twitter and Facebook, Anonymous swung into action.)


Jan 27, Ramy Raoof

"Demonstrator running from tear gas in Talaat Harb Square, Downtown." (It's worth noting that, according to Al Masry Al Youm, most if not all the tear gas used by the Egyptian government was out of date, and had been made in the US.)


Jan 29, 3arabawy

"Tahrir Square." (Note the tanks in the background.)


Jan 29, 3arabawy

"Graffiti: No to Mubarak the US client."


Jan 29, 3arabawy

(Protesters in Tahrir.)


Jan 29, 3arabawy

"Trying to extract birdshot from a protester's head."


Jan 29, Ramy Raoof

"Bullets Found." (There were a number of reports of police using live ammo as well as rubber bullets and tear gas, and concerns that in areas out of the media spotlight, this may have been the norm. Live rounds have certainly been used since February 2nd.)


Jan 29, 3arabawy

"A child sitting on an army tank in Tahrir Square, with a banner that reads: Egypt is free." (After the violence of Friday 28th, Cairo seems to have been relatively peaceful the next day, with a festive atmosphere, and many protesters took their children out.


Jan 29, 3arabawy

"Azbakeya Police Station, one of the most notorious detention and torture facilities, ransacked and burnt down by protesters."


Jan 30, Ramy Raoof

"People against Mubarak." (Not sure where this is, presumably Downtown Cairo, Tahrir Square.)


Ramy Raoof, Jan 30

"Hosni Mubarak...Exit."


Ramy Raoof, Jan 31

"Cleaning Streets." (Protesters in Cairo took it upon themselves to clean Tahrir Square, as well as undertake tasks like directing traffic during the few days the police were absent.)


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"Small Kid with His Father and Waving Egyptian Flag."


Feb 1, 3arabawy

"Tahrir Square." (With an almost festive atmosphere, protesters in Tahrir Square began setting up stalls.)


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"I want Internet!" (The government shut down Facebook and twitter right from the word go, and almost all the Internet from the evening of Jan 27.)


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"Speak to Tweet service." (Service developed by Google in response to the Internet shutdown, whereby people could ring one of three numbers and 'speak their tweet', and the @speak2tweet twitter account then published it.)


Feb 1, 3arabawy

"From Aswan we came.. No to Mubarak, No to Suleiman". (Tahrir Square.)


Feb 1, 3arabawy

"Banners calling for unity between Muslims and Christians against Mubarak." (This is a popular uprising, that involves people of all ages, from all walks of life.)


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"Demonstrators praying."


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"Mubarak in 30 years." (Egypt has been under Emergency Law since the assassination of Sadat.)


Feb 1, 3arabawy

"A burnt down police van, turned into a garbage dump, with a banner: 'The NDP Headquarters." (National Democratic Party - the ruling party of Egypt.)


Feb 1, 3arabawy

"People demand removal of the regime." (Tahrir Square.)


Feb 1, Ramy Raoof

"Demonstrators built tents in Tahrir Square." (Many people were camping out in Tahrir, refusing to cede the square to the regime.)

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