LAST WEEK I posted The 99% occupy Wall Street to demand change. Protestors have been rallying since Saturday, September 17 against practices and regulations that have led to 1% of Americans acquiring the majority of the wealth.

In this video they seem to make pretty good entertainment for the rich. The building from which they are watching is 55 Wall Street. From the YouTube page:

Who occupies 55 Wall Street? The sprawling, historic Manhattan building is home to the Ciprion Club Residences, a private club as well as residence to Wall Street’s élite.

Gathered on the balconies of this home of the rich, men in suits and tuxedos as well as women in silk dresses and business suits, casually sipped on their glasses while smiling and taking pictures, seemingly oblivious to the fight of the 99 percent.

Glad to see the protesting’s not a total waste of time.

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