There’s this thing going on. Rio+20.

IT’S A BIG DEAL, in case you weren’t aware. It’s also called the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, but because the brain automatically skips over anything involving the words “United Nations,” they gave it this other catchy title with a “+” sign in it.

Wikipedia tells me it’s got the +20 in it because it’s been 20 years since the last “historic” environmental conference that occurred 20 years ago in the same city of Rio. It’s happening June 20-22, and a representative from every single country in the world will be there to talk about important stuff.

You’ll hear about it in the news. They’ll talk about why the environment needs saving and conservation and about co-operation and inevitably about Iran, because it’s not just a big subject, but a buzzy one. However, in the end all you need to see is this video above.

Which shows an area of the Amazon about the size of Florida getting decimated over the course of the last 37 years. It shows that deforestation accounts for 20% of the world’s carbon emissions. And so among the various conferences and delegations and roundtable discussions, one must wonder whether anyone will stand up, point to this map and say, “Hey, it’s fucked up that we ate this giant chunk of the Earth. How will we fix that?”