US Congressman lays down why legalizing drugs (yes, including heroin) and prostitution is the right decision.

IF HEROIN BECAME legal today, would you run out the door to score your first hit? Didn’t think so. And neither does Ron Paul who, in his effort to become the presidential nominee for the Republican Party, says that he will legalize it — and other drugs like cocaine and marijuana — as well as prostitution. He says it should then be up to each state to decide how to regulate it.

He is a proponent of protecting liberty “across the board,” and calls it a First Amendment-type issue. He sees no difference in telling people how to pray or telling people what they can and can’t consume. “We don’t have the First Amendment so we can talk about the weather. We have the First Amendment so we can say very controversial things,” he said. Amen. Finally, a politician who actually makes sense.

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