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A San Francisco strip club puts a new spin on ye olde Toys for Tots campaign.

For 52 years, the U.S. Marine Corps has sponsored Toys for Tots, an annual charity drive in which toys are collected for needy children.

People who want to participate in Toys for Tots can take a gift to one of their local drop off centers, which are usually located at toy stores.

One San Francisco strip club has gotten in on this year’s Toys for Tots campaign, potentially generating interest among a new group of gift givers. The Market Street Cinema is offering free admission AND a free lap dance to patrons who bring in an unwrapped toy.

There are all sorts of jokes I could make, but I actually think the campaign is a great idea. I’d love to know about other non-traditional venues participating in holiday charity drives. If you’ve heard a good story, drop me a line at

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