I still have a photo I took as my cell phone wallpaper when I lived in Melbourne in 2008/09. It’s of some graffiti I used to pass on my tram ride into work everyday. It says “Finite world, Finite growth.” The below video — Ecologize Growth by Storm Could Media — challenges the “commonly accepted infinite growth paradigm of the modern economy.”

Finite world, finite growth

We can no longer live in the current paradigm where the economy is separate from ecology. We can no longer live as if nature is at our disposal to do as we please. We are not separate from nature; we are part of the whole.

I hope we don’t recover in the way that people are trying to have us recover. But that we realize that we can’t recover because all of these crises — the environmental crisis, the social justice crisis, the spiritual crisis, the financial crisis — are all from the same root. We need a shift in consciousness. A shift in the fundamental understanding of ourselves as a species who needs to live in harmony with the natural systems of the Earth and all other species. ~ Lynne Twist