One of the more frustrating ‘arguments’ we hear from climate change skeptics is: “It’s cold outside today! Guess that disproves global warming!”

While often this can feel like an intentional misunderstanding of the facts, it can also be somewhat hard to argue against if you’re not a climate scientist. Yeah, this past winter was pretty chilly and snowy here on the East Coast. Fortunately, we have scientist, media personality, public intellectual, and giver-of-lady-boners Neil deGrasse Tyson to explain it for us.

Using a wandering dog on a leash, Tyson explains the difference between “weather” and “climate.” While weather can vary significantly and refers to much shorter time spans, climate deals with patterns and trends over a long period of time.

Check it out, and post it in the comments of the next person who posts something about how a snowy day disproves what 97% of climate scientists totally agree on.