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The peace agreement in Sudan is precarious. What can the rest of the world do to support it?

This weekend marked the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that finally forced an end to Sudan’s seemingly endless civil war, the longest running conflict in Africa.

The country is now at a critical crossroads: within the next year, it must resolve differences between the north and south or formally divide the country into two distinct nations.

Though mainstream media haven’t given as much attention to this story as it needs, artists and musicians from around the world lent their talent to the cause of peace in order to draw more awareness to current events in Sudan:

January 9 has come and gone, but you can still take action.

Read this quick primer on recent and current events in Sudan to get a sense of what’s been going on, then click back to Sudan365’s website and consider signing this petition, which calls upon key world leaders to provide the diplomatic support needed to uphold peace in Sudan.

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