I found the Leapyear project on Twitter, and it turned out to be one of those things worth checking out.

The Leapyear Project (LYP) was created by Victor Saad with a goal to encourage people to not only take a risk “for good” but to share their stories across social media outlets by tagging the story with #lyproject. The project just launched at the beginning of January, but people are already sharing on Facebook and on Twitter.


Photo: Hamad AL-Mohannna

If you’d like to participate, the Leapyear Project has some tips to consider when you’re planning your risk:

  • LYP is about making something better or more beautiful.
  • LYP is about taking risks together.
  • Risk involves a combination of thinking, feeling, and acting.
  • Risk is not about having the most resources.
  • Risk may not make everyone happy.
  • Risk isn’t about glamour.
  • Failure is a friend of risk.
  • Risk is not limited by social, racial, economic, or geographic stipulations.

What risk are you willing to take to make the world a better place in 2012?