Over 5 million children this year will experience some sort of bullying, whether it be at school, in their neighborhood, or online.

Just about everyone has experienced some sort of bullying – even if it’s “just” name calling or teasing. But all too often this teasing gets taken to the next level and results in violence or even death or suicide. Many states – Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota – don’t even have bullying laws, and even some of the ones that do don’t cover the latest trend – cyberbullying (For a complete list, visit Cyberbullying.us).

Whether or not state governments (or even school administrators) are taking this issue seriously, documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsch is doing something to get the public to take notice and step up to take action. The Bully Project takes a deeper look into the bullying problem by documenting a “year in the life of the bullying crisis.” The filmmaker himself was a victim of bullying throughout middle school, and one of the goals of The Bully Project is to expose the “kids will be kids” attitude for what it is – enabling bullies to get away with making other childrens’ lives a living hell.

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The Bully Project is currently raising funds through IndieGoGo to go towards hard costs of completing the film. If you would like to contribute, go to The Bully Project’s page on the IndieGoGo site.

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We can begin to nip bullying in the bud if we start teaching children about accepting differences in other people. Check out 7 Ways to Teach Kids Tolerance for ideas.