“The Eyes of Thailand” trailer (2011) from Windy Borman on Vimeo.

Documentary Director and Producer Windy Borman met Soraida Salwala at Soraida’s Elephant Hospital in 2007. Windy was so inspired by Soraida’s work that she began filming the process of creating prosthetic legs for elephants that have been victims of landmine explosions.

The result of their hard work is The Eyes of Thailand.

The main focus of the documentary is Soraida Salwala’s efforts with two particular elephants named Motala and Baby Mosha. According to the trailer, it took nearly 10 years for one of their wounds to heal after stepping on a landmine, and it was pretty amazing watching her take that first step with a prosthetic leg. Animals have a special place in my heart, and I love seeing other people step up and make a difference.

I talked to Windy via email and found out that she hopes to

“inspire viewers to protect Asian Elephants and encourage their governments to ban the use of landmines. Ultimately, I hope to convey the added sense of urgency for people and organizations worldwide to pressure Thailand to change its laws to protect the dwindling number of Asian Elephants. If nothing is done, the species will become extinct within the next 50 years.”

At this time, Windy and the production team members are still raising money, and still have quite a bit to go to reach their goal of $75,000. If you’d like to support the film, you can donate through IndieGOGO, or follow Eyes of Thailand on Twitter or Facebook.