TIME ZONES JUST COMPLICATE things in a globalized world. You have to count how many hours people in different places are ahead of you to figure out the time there, and it makes coordinating calls or plans somewhat difficult. Vox has put together this great 60-second video making the case for putting the entire world being on the same time.

For the record, no: it wouldn’t actually change the effects of jet lag, as they are related not to the time on the clock but to your circadian rhythms as they respond to daylight, but it would take the stigma away from waking up at 1 p.m.: in some parts of the world, 1 p.m. (or maybe just 1300 for clarity) could be midday, while in other places, it could be the middle of the night. So while you might still feel drowsy when flying across the globe, you at least wouldn’t have to feel as guilty about sleeping in.

This would save us from the idiocy of Daylight Savings Time, and it would get rid of weird inconsistencies in the time zone system, such as the fact that China only sits in one time zone, while the countries to the North and South of it span six. So let’s start the rallying cry: no more time zones! Equal time for all!

Featured photo by TimeZonesBoy