Kelli Kieley and James Gen Meers’ documentary series “Graffiti Talks” shows what happens when a city declares war on graffiti.

Deadboy cuts a new stencil destined for the streets of Toronto. Sceenshot from video

TORONTO is not the first city to attempt to scrub graffiti off its walls, but Mayor Rob Ford’s spectacle of personally blasting a wall with a power-washer has become flash point for street artists.

Filmmakers Kelli Kieley and James Gen Meers are producing a feature-length documentary about the battle, as well as a web-series highlighting the various artists pushing back against the city’s new policies.

“Being the idiot that he is, Ford decided to declare war on a bunch of teenagers with paint, and anger behind them.” -Deadboy

Street art has recently gained critical recognition, with prominent gallery installations, as well as a surge in businesses inviting street artists to create art on their buildings.

“I’m not surprised that it’s taking a while to get the public totally in love with it, but it will happen. We’ve never seen an art movement like this.” -Deadboy