This video is pretty loaded, pun intended.

I grew up around lots of guns, having a father who was both a hoarder and obsessed with the idea that “the next invasion was right around the corner.” My guess is the man watched “Red Dawn” one too many times. Either way, learning to shoot at a young age, firing a weapon was always in the context of target practice (we never went hunting), so I had a somewhat skewed sense of the respect with which I was supposed to treat both the object and the activity. As I got older, and became a little more world-conscious, I realized just how weird that aspect (as well as most other aspects) of my upbringing really was.

Pedro Reyes’ project “Disarm” combines music, sculpture, and technology to transform instruments used for violence, into those used for a musical composition to make a strong statement about gun culture and material resources. Using weapons seized from criminal organizations in Ciudad Juarez (located in Mexico’s Chihuaha state), and dismantled by the government, Reyes constructs a large scale symphony all driven by an orchestrated midi piece, from the computer program Ableton Live.

My favorite part of this video has to be watching the evolution of the project from 3:28 on, starting initially as a project to refashion those weapons parts after traditional musical instrument designs, before making something of a departure for “Disarm.”

As a musical producer myself (using the same software Reyes’ team used for this project) it was truly mind-boggling to see it used as the key driver in the execution of the whole project.

I guess I need to step up my game.