The excellent YouTube channel MinuteEarth engaged an all-star YouTube cast to put together their most recent video, called “A Love Letter to Food.” The video points out that Americans waste up to 40% of their total calories by either letting it spoil, or simply by throwing it away.

I’m the worst about the fruit I eat. I always buy bananas or grapes and then I’m not able to finish all I bought before it spoils. But as the video points out, the food we’re best at not wasting — meat and dairy, which we waste about 20% of — is a double waste because we’re also wasting the food that went into producing that meat.

So this love letter to food has to end in an apology. For all that we put into our food, and for all that goes into making it, we should really try to waste less. It’s a worthy goal for us to shoot for as a country.