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Haiti Articles

US Aid has hurt Haiti more than it’s helped

The West, not Hurricane Matthew, is the true devastator of Haiti

If you want to help Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, here’s why you should reconsider donating to the American Red Cross.

We were warned not to travel around Haiti by motorcycle. We did it anyway.

Haiti, a Caribbean country, is joining the African Union

The US wants to give peanuts to malnourished Haitian kids. Why is that a problem?

8 times in my life being uncomfortable made me a better person

The politics of international adoption: 5 countries ranked on how they treat orphaned kids

In the air with Haiti’s first emergency helicopter service

On healthcare as an inalienable human right: One doctor’s story from Haiti

We need to see more images of Haiti like this one

What journalists carry on the front lines: Joey Daoud, Haiti

These are the faces of people I met in Haiti

A smile from Haiti

Why you shouldn’t run out to volunteer for disaster relief

Volunteer dispatch: Building houses in Haiti

Haiti in view: Port-au-Prince at night

Ciné Institute: Haiti’s only film school

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