Bingen, Baden-Württemberg


Due to its location at the confluence of the Rhine and Nahe rivers, Bingen am Rhein has been an important commercial and mercantile center since Celtic times, and signs of this long history are everywhere.

Bingen’s tourist attractions include the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (hop on a boat headed to St. Goar or Koblenz, and the medieval streets of the city itself along with the Drusus Bridge (the oldest preserved medieval bridge in Germany), the
Salien-period crypt of St. Martin’s Basilica, Romantic-era Burg Klopp or the Rochuskapelle, praised by Goethe as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Wine bars by the Rihine are classic for trying the local Rieslings, Kerners, or Silvaners, or if you’re there in late summer or fall, time your visit to coincide with the Rhine in Flames festival or the Winzerfest, the longest wine fest on the Rhine where there’s no shortage of Federweisser, a sweet, early wine.

A good evening spot is the Gaggianer, where you can share a table with Bingeners and get great regional fare.

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