Move over peanut M&Ms, from fried chicken to tomatoes and bananas, these vending machines take “practical” to new levels.

Flowers - Japan

"Just in case you forgot your mum's birthday." Photo: katclay


Books on local culture - Germany

"This vending machine carries, among many other things, a small book for a Euro. Culture - now in our vending machines." Photo: michiexile


Hello Kitty Love Hotel - Japan

In case you left your toys at home. Photo: the_toe_stubber


Pocari Sweat - Japan

I wonder what bottled sweat tastes like. Sprite maybe? Photo: Tamago Moffler


Sky Mall Catalog Items - USA

"Who buys this stuff at airports?" Photo: arvindgrover


Single Cigarette - Japan

I understand a pack of cigarettes, but a single cigarette?…Photo: gwydionwilliams


Bananas - Japan

Grab your daily serving of fruit on the run. Photo: Jrim


Hypodermic Needles - Australia

"The aim is to help reduce hepatitis and HIV infection rates among drug users by providing safe injecting equipment." Photo: proimos


Bling-bling - USA

Get your bling on at this vending machine. Photo: chrisdlugosz


Groceries - Japan

"Yes, it’s a bag of tomatoes in there. It actually looks quite fresh so I suspect they swap these out daily, but there’s something unsettling about buying produce from a machine without being able to touch and feel it first." Photo: adrian8_8


Video Camera - Japan

Grab a video camera while you quench your thirst. Photo: ames sf


Smart Car - China

Why not? Photo: Li Song


Last Minute “Happy Time” Supplies - USA

Suspicious looking machine with only condoms, Extra Strength Tylenol, and glow sticks...Hmmm. Photo: MattHurst


IKEA Spare Parts - Canada

Now there’s still hope of assembling the other 100+ pieces. Photo: sillygwailo


Eggs - Japan

"Apparently, you can find anything in a vending machine in Japan. I found this small tent with a refrigerated vending machine. Each small compartment contained a bag of eggs, probably 10 or 12." Photo: JoshBerglund19


Fried Chicken - Japan

"It has a built-in microwave that cooks your food for 120 seconds before dispensing it." Photo: kalleboo


Memory Cards - United Kingdom

As long as you remember which type you need. Photo: adactio


Batteries - Japan

"Only nerds think this is cool." Photo: randomidea. [Editor's note] - I’m a bonafide nerd and find this cool.


Airport Security: Self Mailers - United Kingdom

Now you no longer have to part with that $60 bottle of perfume at airport security. Simply mail it back to yourself. Photo: Lars Plougmann


Convenience Store of the Future - Australia

'Ironically, the display reads that the machine is 'Out of Order.' Not very convenient." Photo: pfenwick


In other vending machine news...

The Hudson Hotel in New York has launched a vending machine stocked with “basic essentials” for the luxists amongst us. The machine includes designer jewelry and clothing, 24-carat gold handcuffs, a $8,000 photo shoot with a celebrity photographer, and a $10,000 Ferrari rental. Read more at The Luxist.