There’s been a lot of recent talk about e-waste and mass consumption, and their effect on the environment.

Photo courtesy of Chris Jordan

If you are a gadget-geek but want to reduce your carbon footprint, try these six gadgets for a greener life.

D-Link’s 8-port Switch

The DGS-2208 uses eco-friendly technology to help you reduce power consumption you may not realize you’re using. The D-Link automatically detects idle ports on your computer equipment and reduces the power usage, saving energy and money.

This device is particularly great for offices (public and home) where computers are used for over eight hours a day. In some situations, the D-Link has been able to save up to 40% of the power used in these conditions.

Installation is easy and no configuration is required.

Price: $44.99 | BUY

What’s Fresh

It’s no secret that eating local is good for your body and the planet. This handy little app will help you track down seasonal fruits anywhere in the U.S.

What’s Fresh lists in season fruits and veggies, provides a calendar and lets you know whether products are produced fresh or in a greenhouse, and is constantly updating more foods into its database.

Price: $1.99 | BUY from iTunes

Wind Powered Battery Charger

Solar power is catching on in popularity, but how about wind power? The HYmini, a hybrid universal charger, captures renewable wind and solar power and combines it with wall plug power to charge most 5V gadgets.

A breeze over 9 mph will get the battery charging in just 20-40 minutes. This charger is great for cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, and cameras.

Price: $74.98 | BUY

Light Powered Mobile Phone Charging Sleeve

The Powcell Charging Sleeve, made by MotionTouch, charges up your iPhone or Blackberry via light power. The photovoltaic cells on the back suck up energy from nearby light sources, feeding it straight to your phone.

Ideally, if a phone lives in this sleeve, it never needs charging.

Meaning there’s no more need for AC outlets, saving both energy and money on your electric bill.

Bio-Recyclable USB Drive

Designed with recycled and biodegradable material, the ATP EarthDrive is also shockproof, waterproof, and dust-proof, making it a highly durable USB drive.

Its capacities range from 1GB to 8GB, and security software is built in for password protection.

ATP has partnered with the American Forest Foundation and donates a share of their revenues to planting trees.

Price: $15.99 | BUY


Iqua BHS-603 SUN Bluetooth Headset by Orange

If you’re addicted to Bluetooth, Try Iqua SUN, the worlds first solar powered Bluetooth headset.

At just 14 grams, the tiny headset fits into your ear without needing a hook, and draws energy from the sun to charge.

The Iqua SUN will stay powered and ready to go through nine hours of total darkness.

Price: $34.56 | BUY

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