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FORGET THE DEODORANT AND CANDY CANES — grownup holiday revelers require an extra bit of hardcore in their stockings this year. Treat the adventure traveler in your life to something special with these personalized gift picks:

1. A lightweight, down-filled Jacket. I like having a featherlight-but-warm outer layer for traveling between hot and cold climates. Eddie Bauer’s MicroTherm® StormDown™ Jacket serves this purpose perfectly. Lightweight but tough against the elements, this jacket is great for adventure travelers looking to spend a lot of time in wintery or rainy conditions. It’s compact enough for travelers to roll it up and stick it in their bags (or stockings) without creating extra bulk.

2. Versatile footwear. There usually isn’t enough room to pack extra shoes while trekking, but Chaco footwear has engineered a perfect alternative. The ReversiFlip allows me to change up the style of my sandals with interchangeable straps. I can choose a wild and colorful pattern for a night out, or black suede for more subdued events.

3. Portable alcohol. Part of any awesome camping trip is sitting around a fire with a couple of drinks, but when space is tight, cans of beer are the last thing I want to drag around. Thank the travel gods for Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, which ingeniously transforms normal drinking water into a tasty brew. Watching my filtered water source transform into an IPA via Pat’s in-bottle carbonation system is pretty magical (drunk or sober).

4. Sunglasses that stand out. Revo has designed several types of fashionable sunglasses, like the Otis, that stand up to tough conditions on the road. Travelers benefit from intuitive technology like anti-slip nose pads, and polarized lenses, in a stylish, lightweight design. These shades can be worn all year long, blocking 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and providing wearers with a crystal-clear vision of the world around them.

5. Heat-retaining headwear. This winter hat by Stio offers combines snowboard-style with practical defense against the cold. Ears stay warm with a hidden layer of fleece lining, and heads experience the comfort of a soft Merino wool blend.

6. A cooler that doesn’t suck to carry. Hardcore travelers will replace their stockings entirely in favor of Yeti’s latest portable cooler. Trekking deep into the wilderness is great if I want to go “off the grid,” and the Hopper 30 helps me avoid foraging for sustenance by providing me with a durable, leakproof cooler. It’s a soft-sided, easy to carry container that keeps ice cold for days, so the food I bring with me is fresh wherever I choose to eat it.