The Sleepbox: bringing a whole new meaning to the term “layover.”

A travel pillow. A sleeping bag. Six or seven airplane bottles of vodka.

All very useful when trying to fall asleep in an airport/train station/deserted island.

However, these may all (well, except for the vodka) soon be replaced by the Sleepbox, an ultracompact mini-hotel room that can be positioned just about anywhere with a couple bodies worth of open floor space.

The first are set to open in Moscow Airport in 2012, but the creators envision many other airports, hostels, and public spaces where people would rather be in a subtly-lit wooden slumber pod to start their own units.

At their lowest wholesale price, these sell for about 7,000 Euros (~$10K), and Sleepbox’s suggested guest rate is at 15 euros/hour or 50 euros/night.

In theory, it sounds like a good idea. And I’m sure there are plenty of weary travelers willing to shell out the equivalent of 1/10th of their plane ticket for a solid night’s sleep. But like most things in life, it’s silly to pay for something like this when you can just create it yourself. Exhibit A:

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