Is it me or is this just really effed up? Apple has plans to develop a system where the video function on iPhones (and I assume iPod Touches) will be disabled if they are being used to film a concert. The system will be able to detect the activity using infrared sensors and contact the phone to disable video. All other functions will continue to work.

The assumed purpose of this is to help protect the rights of those (broadcasters, event organizers) who have exclusive rights to concert footage. They don’t like people posting these videos to YouTube and having others watch for free. But, like anything else like this, people will always find a way around the problem. So much money spent to develop something that won’t stop the “problem” anyway.

So much energy and resources spent fighting something that is unstoppable. Why can’t they just embrace it and learn to deal with it? It’s the age of sharing. The old model is out the window. Deal with it.

The patent was filed a year and a half ago. I wonder how much longer until we see this.