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Armchair Travel: Spotlight Asia

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Jan 2, 2009

You’ve started jotting down possible travel locations for 2009. No doubt you’ve consulted our 12 Resolutions for Travelers in 2009 guide.

If visiting Asia isn’t in your travel plans this year, why not check out 9 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka in 2009, 7 Classic Adventure Spots in Asia, and Why You Should Travel Independently on the Trans-Siberian Railway for a change of mind?

You could also seek out opportunities to volunteer during your travels. In A is for Attitude Adjustment: Learning How to Teach & Live in China, Virginia Fortner implores us to look outside ourselves and reach out to others.

We also profiled two organizations doing great community outreach work in Asia – Big Brother Mouse: A Book for Every Child in Laos and For the Children: Thai Mueang Volunteers.

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