Today’s gear suggestion and review comes from Matador community member, VagabonderZ

Try traveling without these for three nights in Platzkartny on a Russian train, or Chinese sleeper trains with the early morning ritual of locals coughing and spitting in the open communal sinks.

I’m talking about ear plugs!.

And the need for them isn’t limited to the confined spaces of trains and buses:

  • Dorm rooms in hostels with fellow travelers coming and going;
  • Hotels conveniently located beside markets with vendors setting up at 5 AM;
  • Pensiones situated above bars and pubs.

It’s worth spending the extra cents to get some higher end ones – the cheapest brands are uncomfortable and don’t form good seals.

They’re inexpensive, small, and lightweight. Before you hit the road, make sure you stock up on these invaluable little pieces of foam…and keep ‘em handy!”

Price: $23.00 | BUY

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