Photo: Kaenon

For those ready to give their eyes the treatment they deserve, check out the Kaenon Jetty’s.

Even if your brain can’t comprehend the difference between Kanye West’s shutter shades or those 1980s Ray-Bans you stole from your Dad, you need to start listening to your eyes. The moment you slide a pair of Kaenon’s on your dome, your eyes will officially thank you.

Kaenon is considered new to the eyewear industry. Started in 2001, two brothers, Steve and Darren Rosenberg, unsatisfied with the products on the market, broke out and created Kaenon.

Within every frame is Kaenon’s SR-91 polarized lens. The optical quality is superior. The frames are lightweight, strong, and impact resistant.

The soft gray tint blasts though surface glare during my mid day surf checks. The form fitting rubber nosepiece soaked the sweat and prevented my Kaenon’s from slipping off my nose.

Once I saw the world through my polarized Kaenon Jetty’s, I never looked through another pair of sunglasses.

Minor setback: Definitely not recession proof, but are your eyes worth it? For me, yes.

Cost: $219

Where to buy: Kaenon

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