Matador Video Editor Joshywashington shows us the bells and whistles of his custom built Timbuk2 messenger bag.

Timbuk2 messenger bags are a tall order; spacious, rugged, comfortable and of course, handsome. When I was designing my custom built bag I opted for the extra large, a virtual cavern for all the gear and gadget I need to carry on my back while biking through Seattle.

It sits squarely on my back and, thanks to the side strap, stays put for miles.

Video credits: Joshua Johnson & Bridget O’Neill.

Timbuk2 hand-makes their bags. Like all individually crafted items, the quality is apparent; it feels strong and well knit, and there is a certain pleasure of knowing it was made just for me and hasn’t been sitting in some warehouse or store shelf.

Picking out the colors for the three front panels and the lining is fun and from the start, you have the opportunity to opt for premium fabrics such as hemp and recycled polyester.

For the last month, I stuffed the bag to the gills and peddled around town, enough time to really break it in and reflect on the finer qualities of a superior bag.

The laptop insert is thick, cuddly, and suspended above the bottom of the bag so when you set it down, it doesn’t jostle. The woven nylon shell and smooth waterproof liner keep the Seattle drizzle out and there is so much velcro holding this thing shut that tearing it open in quiet coffee shops sounds like the heavens being wrenched asunder.

Let’s be clear, these bags are not cheap. But you get what you pay for, and aside from a bag you get the peace of mind that you are supporting an independent American business, not one of the countless products produced in sub standard and inequitable working conditions.

Visit to design your own bag.