A good surfboard needs a good wax job.

Photo: Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax has one of the best formulated surfboard wax in the industry: sticky with a pleasant smell. They have a variety of formulas for different water conditions and temperatures.

Make sure you apply Sticky Bumps Basecoat to your board before putting on wax. Their basecoat will ensure that your surf wax stays on longer and performs better.

It also allows for the correct temperature wax to stay on longer as well as makes it easier to rub on.

The Original series comes in the following temperatures:

Original Cool: 58-68F 14-19C

Original Cold: 60F and Below / 15c and below

Original Warm: 64-74F 19-28C

Original Tropical: 75F and above 24C and above

Make sure you have the correct wax based on the temperature chart above. The art of applying surf wax takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Consult the Sticky Bump Pros and their Wax Tutorial.

Cost: $9 for a six pack | Where to buy: Stick Bumps