This iPhone app uses sound science to calculate just how physically attractive you are.


Of course, there are websites that can make the ruling on whether or not you’re one of the beautiful people.

But for those times when you need a quick self-esteem boost (or burst) on the go, there is, unfortunately, an iPhone app for that.

Fit or Fugly, designed by Nashy, utilizes Fibonacci’s golden ratio to decide whether or not a face is attractive.

Simply load a photo of your face (or better yet, your date’s), move the anchor points to cover the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, and hit submit.

According to Nashy, this app could be useful in any number of situations, like breaking the ice at a dinner party (sure to be as comfortable as that supper club scene in Borat) to supporting your rationale for ending a relationship (because “I just want to be friends” doesn’t make one feel fugly enough as it is).

And if you use it for the latter, please let us know how it went.