Shane Townsend gets video proof that with the right case, your iPhone can become submersible.

MY iPHONE has been shat on by cormorants, chewed on by a dog, stepped on by a fishing partner, and dropped from a moving bicycle at top speed. In an accidental twitch that I still can’t explain, I even spiked the phone so hard into the sidewalk that I considered doing a little end-zone dance just to make it look intentional.

In just one year of paddling, fishing, wading, cycling, hiking, and so on, I’ve destroyed three protective cases. I was working on my fourth when I received a complimentary LIFEPROOF iPhone case.

The company’s claim of waterproof piqued my interest. I spent a full evening reading instructions, using online resources, and contemplating my willingness to put my phone under water. As recommended, I assembled the case (without the phone inside) for a one-hour submersion test in the kitchen sink. Not a drop of water penetrated the case, but I still couldn’t dunk my $300 phone.

I walked around for several days carrying out further tests. The arm band mount was handy for jogging. The case protected the phone from sweat and from the occasional drizzle. But I wanted to be sure it was really working. I took the phone fishing and finally worked up the nerve to take this video.

Now, after submerging the phone several times and dropping it several more without consequence, I can say the LIFEPROOF iPhone Case is the real deal. It protects my phone while I do what I do outdoors, without sacrificing the phone’s functionality. The volume of the iPhone is reduced by the case, but I still use the phone with and without headphones. For me, the comfort of having a waterproof phone more than compensates for any reduction in volume.

For water lovers, water-logged land lubbers, and just about anyone who gets caught in the rain, there are some real benefits. This case even lets you use earphones while you swim laps.

The LIFEPROOF case is available for $79.99. LIFEPROOF also offers an iPad Case and a line of accessories to help keep you on the water. If you decide to get the LIFEPROOF iPhone Case, be sure to follow the directions on the box. The on-line resources are a real help too.

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