From the brains behind Indie Travel Podcast (Craig & Linda Martin) comes the latest in comprehensive travel guides.

Their first title, Travelling Europe takes you through planning for travel within the continent with practical, in-depth answers to common questions designed as chapter titles.

Chapter titles range from “Should I learn another language? Which ones?” to “Do you use budget airlines? What should I look out for?“.

There are also sections on solo and family travel penned by guest authors so you’re bound to find a chapter that speaks directly to your current travel question.

And now for a short while,  Indie Travel Guides is offering the Matador Community 30% off its eBook, audiobook or combo pack.

To get this deal, be sure to use the coupon code “earlybird9xie” – Click here to buy now.

Hurry up as this offer lasts until November 15th.

From Indie Travel Guides: “Remember that Indie Travel Guides give you free updates for life, offers a money back guarantee, and can be put on unlimited devices“.

Feature photo by: Al lanni

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