Finally, a camera you’re actually encouraged to throw around.

I’VE BEEN TRYING to take decent panoramic shots using iPhone apps for weeks now. They suck, all of them (or at least the free ones, which are the only ones I can afford).

But now a young German computer engineer by the name of Jonas Pfeil has created the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, which snaps a full spherical panoramic image when thrown in the air.

“At the peak of its flight, which is determined using an accelerometer, a full panoramic image is captured by 36 mobile phone camera modules.”

According to Pfeil, this ball camera solves all the problems posed by panoramic photography as we know it, including “ghosting” caused by moving objects, and lack of a downward picture when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Photos are transferred to a PC and viewed in special software, even allowing for views of what was behind the person tossing the ball into the air. Sure you might look a little crazy tossing this big green orb into the sky, but the images are worth it. Just watch the video.