Thanks to Keen’s Targhee Hiking Boots. From moderate day hikes to multi-day challenging treks, this sturdy lightweight (just 1 lb 12 oz!) boot provides rock-solid traction and grip support on uneven, jagged terrain like the infamous stone steps of the Inca trail.

Excellent in damp conditions, its waterproof eVENT® liner evaporates internal moisture caused by perspiration while preventing outside moisture from soaking through the boot.

These super cute boots come in fancy color combinations like black olive/mineral blue, walnut, and deep lichen/rattan.

Remember to get one size larger than you’ll normally wear when buying hiking boots, and be sure to break them in a couple weeks before you set off on your treks.

Price: $119.95 – $120.00 | BUY

[Note: This post brought to you in partnership with our friends at KEEN.]

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