Today’s travel book recommendation comes from Matador community member Chad Barnes.

Chuck Klosterman doesn’t travel to the ends of the world or try to solve world hunger.

In fact, he doesn’t even leave his own country. Instead, he gets put on assignment by Spin Magazine to road-trip throughout the United States, visiting the death sites of famous musicians.

The intersection of Duane Allman‘s motorcycle crash and the spot where Kurt Cobain ensured his everlasting fame are two of the more notable stops in this hilariously written book.

The main characters are the author himself, his rented Ford Taurus (nicknamed “Tauntaun“), 600 CDs riding shotgun, and the barrage of ‘normal’, everyday people he meets along the way.

Klosterman’s new-age style and ridiculously extensive knowledge of pop culture shine through as he reminisces on past relationships (like most of us would) and creates severely complex explanations for the music guiding his way.

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