Because you just might need one…
Chinese Military Shovel

Move over Swiss Army knives, this Chinese Military Shovel is the only multipurpose tool you’ll need for your travels.

With this single compact lightweight tool, you can shovel, dig, saw, cut, slice, chop potatoes, peel fruit, measure distances, use it as a scissors, climb, use it as an anchor, shield against an attacker, grapple, hammer nails, pull nails, open bottles, use it as a can opener, tighten cable wires, use it as a pickaxe, hanger, prier, as boating oars (if you’ve got two), as an isolation belt, as a hoe, to set up tents…

No joke.

Watch the video below which comes complete with its own 80s superhero soundtrack.

Visit ZGWNJQ for more (if you can read Chinese).

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