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You better not call it a towel. It’s a MSRPackTowl

Don’t let the spelling fool you. There is nothing worse than carrying your wet, soaked towel on your trip. It will never dry, you’re better off not showering. Stay clean and fresh and pack your MSRPackTowl.

It’s not your Mom’s fancy egyptian cotton, but it will keep you from smelling like a wet dog on your trip.

It’s available in four sizes and in two solid colors. It soaks up four times its weight in water, and dries faster than any other towel. Pick a size that is big enough to wrap around your body. It’s perfect for camping, traveling, and mastering your towel change.

Tip: Use the snap loop and hang it on your pack, while you travel to your destination. It will be dry for your next shower.

Minor setback: You’ll never go back to a regular towel again.

Cost: $10-$33 ( depending on size )

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