As our society (hopefully) starts gearing itself more toward sustainability, we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more bikes. But as bike riders in otherwise bike-friendly cities know, one of the main drawbacks is that bikes are often bulky and hard to move around if you can’t be riding them. Case in point: Sometimes I want to ride my bike here in DC but don’t have the time to ride it 10 miles. So I have to take the bike onto the subway with me. The problem is, if it’s crowded, it’s kind of a dick move.

Sada Gianluca, an engineer, may have found a way around that. He’s managed to make a small, lightweight, foldable bike that can be easily placed into a backpack and carried around. It would save you the hassle of having to lock your bike outside of your place of work, and it would make it easier to keep your bike from being exposed to the elements when you’re not riding it. It would also make transporting your bike in your car a much easier task — you wouldn’t have to install a bulky rack.

For me personally, at least, this would be a super handy bike to own.

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