Think of it as Yelp without the bitterness.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, I reviewed Spotted by Local’s Glasgow app, which featured recommendations and descriptions written by locals. This month, the company released their newest app, a freebie that allows you to download (for Euro 2.99 each) guides to 41 European cities.

The main difference is that now you only need to download one app, rather than a few dozen separate apps as before (one for each city). The app is updated with new entries frequently, which are downloaded to your guides anytime you’re online.

Like the original apps, each guide within this app includes insider tips from locals. And like the original, each guide has offline maps – what I’ve found to be the most useful feature of the app.

You can search by category – food, art, etc – but with the map, you can simply zoom in on your area, see everything around you that locals have recommended, choose one, and get the address and contact information. All without worrying about service or roaming charges.

Spotted by Locals offers guides for 41 cities in Europe, including Amsterdam, Prague, Zurich, and Brussels. Each entry includes pictures of the attraction, a description from a local that with tips on things like what dish you’ve got to try or how to get the best bargain, and map access for contact info.

Vastly preferable to the all-caps, grammatically incorrect rantings found on most travel sites with local user reviews.

Spotted by Locals iPhone application from Spotted by Locals on Vimeo.