For aspiring travel writers, today’s travel gear review comes from Matador Pulse editor and community member, Julie Schwietert.

In an article titled Top 10 Gear Choices for Travel Writers, Julie mentions one of her favorite items – an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Here are excerpts from her article.

At a recent bull fight in Mexico, I recorded the sounds of the event that I would not have been able to put down quite the same way in writing.

I’ll definitely use these “audio notes” to write an article, but I may also transfer the files to my laptop and create an audio clip to accompany the written piece.

I use an Olympus handheld digital audio recorder that can capture up to 120 hours and which transfers files with a standard USB cable to a Mac or PC. It’s smaller than a cell phone and costs between $40 and $60.

– Julie Schwietert

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