One page printable language phrases that fold into practical pocket-sized guides.

For a recent trip, I needed to pick up a few phrases of Hungarian quickly. One look at Magyar text, and I knew there was no way I was going to memorize those phrases in time for my trip.

I needed something quick and practical…a pocket-sized guide that won’t add any extra weight to my gear. So I searched for “printable language guides” and came up with this site,

Single Serving provides quick access to printable PDF files of basic phrases you need to know in various languages: from essential salutations and expressions of gratitude to asking for directions and shopping. They also include a number chart and days of the week.

Once you’re ready to download your 1-page PDF file, the site provides folding instructions that teach you how to fold the page into a pocket-sized phrasebook.

Some languages come with accompanying MP3 audio files that are also downloadable. The site provides a wide selection of languages such as Afrikaans, Slovene, and Bulgarian as well as your basic French, Spanish, and German guides.

Check out their complete listing of 30+ available languages.

Price: Free

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