Photo: ColcaSac

Pretty much the coolest Macbook sleeve out there

The Original Burlap ColcaSac is one of the most unique protection sleeves out there for your beloved MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

It sports a super large pocket for your laptop charger while looking discreet.

The Colcasac is constructed from durable burlap and is lined with 100% polyester sherpa fleece. It’s the greatest feeling when you slip your laptop into one of these bags. It’s sleek, it’s not too geeky, and it’s got a rugged look. The protection is solid. I used it on my fifty state tour, and it has saved my Macbook from multiple drops.

They come in all different sizes and have other wild colors and designs as well.

When you’re shopping for a laptop bag, take these into consideration: the material, the thickness, and style.

Invest in a durable laptop case, it’s the best protection plan out there.

Cost: $30 | Where to buy: Colcasac