Feature Photo: Czernaic.com. Photo: Topeak

Don’t let the name of the bike pump offend you. It will handle any tire job you throw at it.

The JoeBlow Pro is designed to withstand the brutality of a bike shop and is definitely worthy of your home.

When in doubt, whip out the Topeak JoeBlow Pro.

The Topeak JoeBlow Pro is constructed from sturdy polish aluminum and is extremely durable.

It is easy to use and gets the job done quickly. It features a compact, single head design – SmartHead.

It senses whether your inner tube valve stem is Presta or Schrader and automatically adjusts the internals for a perfect air tight fit every time.

I can honestly say this will be the only bike pump I will ever own.

Minor Setback

You can’t pack it with you on your bike trips.

Cost: $82.00 | BUY from REI