Whether it’s a purse left sitting on a cafe table, or a pickpocket on a crowded subway, many of us have experienced the panic of losing credit cards while traveling.
Credit Card Logos

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A bad situation is made worse when you’re in a foreign country, unsure of who to contact.

This is the situation CancelThatCard.com was designed for. The website has a simple design that allows frustrated travelers to quickly locate the right phone number to call in a credit card emergency.

On the front page, just choose whether the missing card is credit or debit. For credit cards, select the region where you’re currently located. The website will pull up a page with phone numbers listed by country for every major credit card or bank that you need to get in touch with. For debit, select the bank, and the phone numbers are listed by region.

CancelThatCard.com is a great web address to memorize for those situations you hope you’re never in.