Give your feet a little loving.

Socks often get overlooked. In fact, this soft piece of fabric is one of the most important pieces to any adventure.

Personally, I own nothing but Smartwool socks. I have a whole drawer full of dress socks, hiking socks, bike socks, running socks, and socks for life. Some women collect designer handbags while some men collect fancy wristwatches.

I collect socks.

One of my all time favorites is the Smartwool Adrenaline Light Mini which is the perfect combination running/biking/light-hiking/casual sock.

I own about ten pairs of these.

It’s a perfect blend of 67% merino wool, 32% nylon, and 1% elastic. The wool naturally wicks moisture away from feet while providing the added temperature control. The nylon provides the breathability we all desire out of a sock. The elastic offers support in critical areas: arch and heal.

So the next time those white cotton tube socks slow you down on your backpacking trip, spend the extra bucks and keep your feet happy.

Price: $16 | Where to buy: Smartwool