Photo by Davichi

You’ve decided on where to seek the ultimate adventure thrill.

You’ve even secured your adventure gear through Matador Goods.

How do you satisfy your wanderlust while being conscious of your environment?

Wend Magazine‘s mission is simple – inspire adventure.

By blending adventure sport and responsible travel through thought provoking stories and inspiring narratives, Wend Magazine seeks to cultivate environmentally responsible travelers within all of us.

The current issue of Wend Magazine transports you across the Andes Mountains through the treks of Gregg Treinish and Deia Schlosberg, takes you canoeing along the Canadian Boreal with Frank Wolf, and also introduces you to some of the latest environmentally friendly products and green ideas.

Take a few moments to subscribe today, and enter the promotional code matador08 at the end of the online sign-up.

You’ll get a one-year subscription for just $21 and your subscriptions will support the Matador Network as well.

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