Photos courtesy of BuzzFeed

At Wal-Mart in China, you can always find low prices on anti-bacterial bikini underwear for men. Always.

I’ve seen folks at Wal-Mart with a few odd combinations in the check-out line. Protein shakes and toilet paper are fine separately, but look questionable when they’re the only thing in the basket. Ditto condoms and toothpaste. But if this BuzzFeed article is any indication, the mixing and matching can get to a whole new level of weird at Wal-Mart in China.

Like perhaps a baby turtle for your aquarium. Or your stir-fry – not really sure what the intention is there. Crocodiles and dried reptiles are also among the sixteen unique items BuzzFeed pointed out.

Hey, I might get a craving for Hot and Spicy Beef Granules, or maybe a dried, flattened pig face. And sometimes I don’t know what I want, in which case I might pick up something like what’s pictured to the right. (Not sure, but I imagine one would need Sigourney Weaver to help get it out to the car.)

But whatever I choose, at least I’ll know I got it at a rock bottom price.

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