Photo: Petzl

Great for overnight camping trips and light trail use

The Petzl Tikka Plus is a compact lightweight headlamp that features three lighting levels for power management and burn time: maximum, optimum, and economic.

It also has a flashing mode for signaling in emergency situations.

Great for overnight camping trips and light trail use, the Tikka Plus weighs in at just 78 grams (batteries and all) and its LED lamp can burn for up to 150 hours straight. In addition, the lamp can be tilted up and down to aim the light where needed.

Looking for something more hardcore? Take a look at their ULTRA Series line.

When you’re shopping for a headlamp, take these into consideration: the type of activity, weather conditions, and duration of trip.

Knowing your conditions will help decide which lamp best suits your needs. Always remember to pack extra batteries too.

Cost: $37 | Where to buy: