Dollar Store Photography

Feature photo by Cosmic Kitty. Photo above by Loozrboy.

Looking for your photographs of dollar store items that could pass as practical travel gear…

I find dollar stores quite intriguing with their fluorescent-lit aisles of cheap plastic trinkets and dubiously named products that regularly feature on Jay Leno’s Headlines.

Yet on occasion, I’ve found one or two little plastic containers or pouches that have proven useful during trips.

So, I would love to run a photo essay here on Goods that showcases usable, lightweight travel items you can get for $1 (well…less than $5) at your local dollar store.

How to Participate

1) Visit your local dollar store with your camera or cellphone in tow.

2) Look for items you think might actually work as travel gear and snap away.

3) Email your photos to lola [AT] matadornetwork [DOT] com with captions.

4) Please make sure your photos are at least 960 pixels wide/high on its longest side.

Please send in your photos by Friday, July 16th.

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