“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Throw your 6th grade outdoor education sleeping bag to the curb, and pick yourself up a Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32 sleeping bag.

Even though this sleeping bag is technically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s perfect on your 6-month backpacking trip across South America.

Why does it kick ass? When it’s packed, it’s about the size of a Nalgene bottle. It weighs just over a pound, and it’s insulated with 800-fill down. It’s warm enough for cold winter nights, but thin enough for a summer’s night under the palm tree on the beach.

Tip: Pack a ultralight Thermarest with you as well. The temperature rating is only accurate with an insulated sleeping pad.

Cost: (Long): $305.00 (Reg): $290.00

Where to buy: REI.com

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